Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2018

*I SEARCHED FOR YOU*~by Anita Sahoo


On the occassion of Mothers Day reposting


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Its years now
time passed in a jiffy
I searched for you
in your absence
I lived for you
in your absence
I pleaded for you
in your absence.

I Searched you in
twinkling stars
staring at them tried
to find you
to see your face
as I was told
in your stories that
God takes away
good people to Him
and makes them stars
I wondered which star
was you
they all look same
tiny sparkles
my search was a failure
a never ending plea.

I searched You in all
happy moments
tried to find
might be you are there
somewhere near
to disguise
tried to touch
feel that feathered
motherly velvety touch
wanted to feel that
serenity in your hug
urged to feast on that
peace emerging from
my head in your lap
I searched for You
in the outer of me
in every nooks and corners that is feasible
but all in vein.

Getting tired
when I looked
into me
I saw you
near my heart..
sitting pretty
with that innocent smile
contrasting yourself
into that childish comfort
your soul entwined
with my soul
your presence in
my womb
in my the
running red
you are there
in every single
pore of my body
you live in me
with me ever
in your presence
I end my search
finding me in you
in your absence
my shadow
my mother…Copyright©AnitaSahoo

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