Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2018

SLEEP~by Renáta Császár




I won’t ask you about yesterday
it went down in the sandglass
and have taken you
into a fainted sleep
where you dream
of broken glass
and all sorts of wonderlands
where the fairies play on the moon
and taint the night with silver fume
and cover your view
of solitude
tickling you with magnitude
making wolves killed by knives
pocket knives of course
but still

sitting in chairs
of old bearded men
looking like
on never ending rails

birds and moons
and lots of fleas
glittering on stars
like bees

what a dream
you have got
the light chased away
the deep
black spirits of the night

and you dream
like a baby
that has just suckled
her mother’s breast

so sleep
and revive
when you are full of
a rest

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