Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2018

THE HARDEST WORD ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “THE HARDEST WORD by martin gedge

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Have you ever thought you knew someone
when in fact you find you don’t
for all the times you confide in them
in return you find they won’t
they say the things you want to hear
to avoid an awkward scene
they feed you lines and show you signs
and you don’t know what they mean
it hurts inside to find they hide
when feelings need to show
and when they lie they can’t deny
just how much did you know
a sudden face of such disgrace
when put upon the spot
when knowing so the reasons go
the moment they get caught
to understand was not the plan
as to what you think is right
for all you take can make or break
when the truth is clear as sight
the hardest word I ever heard
can never be said enough
but something more that’s to the core
it’s not a chore to love
but these three words don’t mean a thing
if you can’t be true you see
to be a part and win my heart
begins with honesty…

by martin gedge

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