Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2018

Your Eyes~by Fred Tunks



Your Eyes

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I can see that you are wearing my locket and holding the key to my heart
And I can tell that you are needing and missing my touch now that we are so terribly dam far apart
I’m so sorry babe I am missing you too but I’ve got a remedy for being so lonely
And all that I do have daydreams of you and then focus in on your pretty eyes only
Yes just your eyes can make me feel better
Your eyes can make my cloudy sky’s blue
Your eyes can smile and I’d walk ten miles or whatever needed to do to see into your eyes
Your eyes are shining in the moonlight and glistening with the dust of a hundred million stars
And lovelier than a comet’s trail left in it’s wake after passing bye Venus and over Mar’s
Your eyes can comfort, encourage and inspire me and provide me a mental escape when all the world is weighting me down and I just need a freaking break
Your eyes are so enchanting, an oasis inside the abyss
So when I’m miserable it’s true all that I need to do is daydream of your kiss and of your eyes

© frederickgtunks

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