Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2018

JUNIPERS~by Rispah Wanjiru




Gamble not I beg you,
I may gabble but I remain true,
Turn away but that’s the truth,
You are not a juniper.

Full of life and ever green,
No hurricane can shake you,
I pray you quench my qualm,
Ever green like a juniper.

Forgive my doubting soul,
My precariousness scares many,
Always full of fear and trepidation,
But nobody can be a juniper!

You claim you are one,
A bed of roses you will give me,
Forgive my unwavering stare,
Can we ever be junipers?

The weather will get harsh soon,
We will eventually tire,
Change from the colour of love,
Simply because we are not junipers.

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