Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 11, 2018

Beauty~by Deryhl Delgado




Image may contain: flower, plant and nature

Enamoured by some, while envied by none
Behold, Oh beauty, by virtue of our naked eyes
You deceived us by the looks of your statuette
Thy elegance is so sweet and charming
Mincing our every thoughts of good tender
As you lay waste into the recesses of our soulful mind.

Neither time nor space finds solace in you
For you have solicit our cravings of youth
Where it refreshes each and every feelings within
When life and death tosses each other breath
In ages of ages will soon live through.

Ah! Beauty, Withered though not?
Either youth or age spells your love.
Thy pleasing sound will tune the balderdash musk
Soon to beatify the segments of thy bloom
By stranding the thread of tender loving care.

Oh beauty- the fountain of youth!
Come, as you envigor the cellar of old wine
To drench our dreaded throat;
To quench our thirsts of youth
Yield now, as we drink the swain of ephemeral trance.

deryhl delgado ©

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