Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2018

Few words for the Son~by Dr.Kalpana Mallick



Few words for the Son

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Oh Son of divine gift
Value life with honesty
Dedicate yourself 
To pursue knowledge,
Wisdom and understanding of yourself
Who you are?
Why do you come for??
what’s your aim and goal???

Open up your brilliant mind
The Apps in mobile
And the scenes on TV
Is not a real life
Make less use of it

Your teenage is a
Little intimidating and natural
Smarter than any adult man of the world
You are the wonderful child of God
Get positive use of life
Don’t mess up
And don’t get panic

Try to understand our world
The world of Unconditional love and purity
The love beyond feelings
Resonates in your parents heart
When they look upon your eyes

You are efficient enough
And Precious than the gold and diamond
Explore the inner qualities
Frame up life with strong base of love , patience and peace
Make yourself brave enough to
Face the challenges of life

Avoid the Bad Company
Respect every girl and woman
Like your own Sister and Mother with dignity

Be a good Person
A good friend
Humble to every one
Make us proud
And stay blessed…

(C)@ Kalpana Mallick

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