Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day_a poem for all mothers.~by Ritesh Kr Singh



Happy Mother’s Day_a poem for all mothers.

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An ode Maa (Mom)

My pen is not worthy to inscribe thee,
Into the pages, how i confined the infinity.
The immortal love, myraid sacrifice and the scorpion pain has she,
These words are scanty to rhyme her divinity.

Maa(Mom), the eternal,
The origin,the nourisher of Nature and nurture.
The cause and source of the merits of paternal.

Maa (mom), your debt even i cant’ count in whole lifetime,
Due to this unfortunate, you took immense pain,
How I repent for the nine months womb’s unbearable pains, un-count.

The endless night and the harsh noise of mine,
Irritates the rest, but for you that was a melody.
I just have heard about the hunger, groan and the restlessness,
But you experienced all, and feed me, empty stomach thy.

Many asks, questions the existence of God, the almighty,
Yes, I have seen the goddess
In you my Maa(mom),
In the breastfeed, in the magical touch and voice, in the Heavenly lap.
Even the so called god needs to learn love and sacrifice to thy,
Maa (mom), the word sound that eliminates all the malaises.

Form infancy, the childhood I was blessed and fortunate,
I was being with you,
But this materialistic world,
Making me away From life, from you.
Now no one call wake-up my son, take your meal and all your blessed scolds, are far .

For world I’m a mature being, but for you , just a little kid.
And yes, I always wish to remain the little kid.

How I thank you for birth and growth, and for making me dignified.
All your love, blessings and sanskars(manners and morals) are my assets.
This my verse is the offering to my Goddess, seeking the blessings and everlasting love,
And have a only wish,
O Maa (Mom), always keep me in your lap.
Time and again, O lord, make me the son of my Mom.

By: Ritesh Kumar Singh

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