Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2018





These Book Lines Are My Textindos Write
Path, Yes Book Is Heavy Ink & Penny’s Habitat
But Rests In A Pencil Case, Just Kidding, Mine
Are Not Tainted, They Freestyle Their Destiny

Written In Pages, Let Me Walk You Through It
“We” Call It A Long Walk To The Last Page, That
Red Line Is A Broader, Only Penny Can Penetrate
Thorough It, Cause Its Colour Is Similar To Pen’s

That Prohibiting Continues Mark On A Vertical
Lane, Margins, It Looks Like Penny Camouflage
Mode, But That’s Its True Nature Though, It Is Said
That Blue Symbolizes Supremacy, Well, Picture

Heavy Ink Spilling Its Dark Blue Substance, Jumping
Up & Down, Side To Side, Making A Wrinkle, Shape
Call It A Line, We Now Have A Horizontal Part, Site
Plotted A Plane Graph, Now Watch Heavy Ink & Penny

Flying In It Like Arrows, A Couple’s Trip, Heavy Ink Busy
Creating Its Own Trans, Hi’s 123s & ABCs & Pen Doing
Its 8910s & XYZs, What Was Once Known As Just A Book
Is Now A Literature Utility, Wrote Between The Lines

#LUInHD #PenThemes #Textindos #Heavy_Ink #Penny#CrazyAsTheyCome #Random

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