Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 14, 2018

THE WEEPING WORLD~by Syed Md Tanveer Parvez




When I click on eyes
I can see something,
My eyes can go away at a
short distance ,
But when I shut down my eyes
I can see many things,
My eyes can go away
everywhere without hindrance.

When I open my eyes
I get a catastrophic world
and a weeping my lovely world,
But when I close my eyes
I get only my lovely world.

When I want to tell anything
I can tell something,
Sometimes I can tell nothing,
But when I keep silent
I can tell to my mind everything
And my mind also asked me

When I prepare to go on my
I feel a peaceful world,
I’m included in the heaven of
But when I awake up
I’m included not only in the
heaven of innocence but also
in the heaven of nonsense.

I want to see only a lovely
I want to hear only lovely words
and lovely song.
I want to get only a peaceful

But how?
To remain sleep?
To keep silent?
To close my eyes?

In order to see a peaceful world,
would I close my eyes forever?
Am I not able to see apparently
a peaceful world ever?

— Syed Md.Tanveer Parvez
( 13/05/2018)

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