Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 16, 2018

” STARK CRAVEN MAD”~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” STARK CRAVEN MAD” by martin gedge

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Welcome to my nightmare
I hope I made you scream
an invitation to my hell
to walk inside my dream
the open eyes on hills alive
to shock or even pulse
the under stairs
of creeps to scare
and hide inside your house
I’m truly blessed to put to test
at times a dreadful curse
a deadly friend right to the end
that lies inside a hearse
with vamps on every Brooklyn block
I sunk my teeth in deep
a different breed who had the need
to wake you from your sleep
a master of your wishing well
with visions full of fright
with such appeal to make it real
and keep you up all night
a carnival for deadly souls
is more then one can take
a zipper tag a body bag
a chiller for your shake
a meet and greet a hockey freak
as Jason took me on
I had to bring to swamp a thing
and sing the Freddy song
but all in all I had a ball
from top to bottom floor
cause here in hell I”ll wait a spell
then knock upon your door
a sad goodbye but frankly I
could scream until I’m blue
through all the fear my deep sincere
to thank the fans like you…


by martin gedge©

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