Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 17, 2018

“GIVE HER WINGS”~by Anita Sahoo

My poem published in Anthology #Vasudha




Very cleverly you have made
boxes for her
decorated with flowers of
customs and traditions
with huesome feathers of
so called love and care
in which, for ages
you have caged her.

Not that,she is ignorant or unaware
hibernating in peace, suppressed her flare
hidden in a nutshell of tolerance
asleep her being,
as if a musk deer,unknown to the presence
of her own fragrance.

Consider her as human
let her dream
just give her wings
she will wrap up the Sun
igniting the sparkle of her being
will be lightened every alley
with her elusive presence
she will turn your world to heaven
willingly,sans any hesitance.

© Anita Sahoo

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