Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2018

PAIN PAIN GO AWAY~by Balachandran Nair




I woke up hearing cuckoo’s song.
No, it was a heart break wail!
All its eggs stolen by eagle
It cried….pain, pain, go away!

Then heard a jasmine cry.
Bees, butterflies drank its nectar.
Now a maggot eat its petals
It cried….pain, pain, go away!

Heard a caparisoned elephant cry.
Neglecting mahout’s order to bent
On chained leg he struck pointed iron spear
It cried….pain, pain, go away!

A bereaved mother was tightening grip
Over coffin of son massacred in
political rivalry
She shouted at leaders came with
floral wreath, flags…cause of
Pain, pain, go away!

YOU sat on golden throne
Like a princess in my heart
Fail to come out, start a living
I die for a touch, you slip ouch!
Feel you, see you but can’t hear you
Smile in style, shine, you stay young
Trying, crying, I grew this old.
Either you are deaf, unkind or
Think I am a muff, bluff.
See, soon I’ll die a plaint
Certain they’ll take me to pyre.
Prior to their setting fire
I pray, you escape letting free
My sweet pain, pain, go away!!


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