Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 19, 2018

Battles Still Go On~by Liz Gillespie



Battles Still Go On

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A silence fell across the glen
As they came to make a stand
A gathering like you’ve never seen
For freedom of their land

Each and every clan was here
Together in their fight
To see them off to whence they came
Before the fall of night

With baited breath they stood their ground
LIned all along the hills
Even though the cold wind blows
Enough for bones to chill

For days on end their watchful eyes
Kept tabs along their keep
And days on end they kept alert
No man would dare to sleep

The mist rolled in and shrouded all
Along the valley floor
Adrenaline begins to flow
Another battle in this war

A voice rang out from along the line
A another battle call
Daring them to cross the line
To be left where they should fall

A price was paid most dearly
In protection of their land
A Father stood beside his son
A saltire in his hand

Many gave their freedom for
The generations yet to come
Centuries have gone by
Many battles lost and won

The fight for freedom still goes on
To this very day
An echo from generations past
And the bloody price we pay

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