Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 19, 2018

SORRY I LEFT~by William Thomas Fearby

A collaboration by N Starr and W T Fearby



I am still so much in love with you
No one else will ever do
You will forever be in my heart
My love for you will never depart
I cannot get you off my mind
I think of you all the time
I wish my heart will set you free
But in love with you it wants to be
Sometimes I wish this love will die
But it won’t and I don’t know why
And the funny thing is I must say
You are not with me you have gone away
You are long gone like history
But your memory won’t leave me.

I feel the very same way too
All day long I think of you
I know you think I have been unkind
But I can’t get you out of my mind
Everywhere I look I can see your face
The mere sight of you makes my heart race
I love you more and more each day
Please Forgive me I had to go away
I didn’t want to leave I had no choice
I have a message from you I listen to your voice
Tears well up in my eyes when I think about you
I am so lost and lonely I don’t know what to do

But You went away with words unspoken
And you left me heartbroken
You say you had no choice how can I believe you
You never even gave me a clue
Maybe you just wanted to be free
Just to get away from me
You say you love me still
I don’t understand why
You left without saying goodbye
Leaving me here to cry
Are you really lonely
Are you really missing me
If you are so sad tell me truly
Why did you leave me
You know what I don’t want to know
I am glad you did go
Although I still love you so
Maybe it’s better we stay apart
And try to heal our hearts

I’m so sorry I went away
You don’t know how much I wanted to stay
I got a letter in the post with some bad news
When I read what it said I blew a fuse
I couldn’t tell you because I loved you so
It hurt me so much I didn’t want you to know
I went for some tests I wasn’t feeling well
The doctor called me ,the news he gave me was hell
The cancer I though I had beat was still there
At first I thought it was only a false alarm a scare
He told me I had six months maybe a year
So you see why I left I couldn’t hurt you anymore
So I went away to die I’m sorry I don’t know what for
I didn’t want you to watch me dying a bit more each day
I love you so much so that’s why I went away

Omg I am so sorry I truly am
This is too much for me to understand
I thought an affair you were having
Now you have me crying
My heart is in so much pain
Knowing I won’t see you again
And I am also mad like hell with you
Why couldn’t you tell me true
I would have taken care of you as best I can
I don’t want you to die a lonely man
And I don’t want you to be alone
So please come back home
I want you to spend your last days with me
I do not want you to die lonely
I will take very good care of you
And do everything I must do
To make your last days as pleasant as can be
Your last day I want you to be with me
In my arms I want you to die
I want to hold you and kiss you goodbye
And when it’s time to go to heaven above
You will leave here with all my love
A love that will last forever
Until again we will be together

A Collaboration poem by
Nalini Starr and William T Fearby 18/05/2018
(C)@collaboration N Starr and W T Fearby

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