Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 21, 2018

À GIRL .. IS SHE A CURSE ?~by Sarala Balachandran




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Look at that girl
Living next door
She is as pretty as a rose 
Her eyes speak of her
childish innocence
playing with her long plait
tucked with red roses a dozen ~~~
She is a happy girl
Parents find her a burden
Never have a good word to say
Never sends her to school
As it will cost them money ~~~
She is given dry roties and jaggry
Her brother fed like an ox so fat
Always chewing some goodies ~~~
Have pity on this girl
My Lord
She is sent away
To her husbands home
When she reached fifteen
With no glitter n glamour
There too she is mistreated
As her husband has no work
She did not bring any dowry
She is left to starve on sickening meals
And do scrubbing cleaning
And cooking for all
End of the day
She is tired n sleepy
Goes to sleep empty stomach
Her husband gone for a drink
And will be back past midnight !
Before the dawn
She is up again
To cook and clean
Having just a cup of tea
And a biscuit
She started feeling ill and faints
The in laws started clapping n
Singing saying oh! it’s a boy !
Started for the close hospital
Only to find her acute anaemic
Condition and needs blood transfusion
The in laws with twisted face
Returns home cursing her
Husband not bothered and
Sleeps on and on
She returns to her parents home
Only to be abused n cursed ~~~
She sits firm not weeping next to a well
Took the last step
To end her life with no regret ~~~
No one cried no one wept
God from above shed tears
enough to cause a deluge !
Oh God ! teach man to stop this
gender descrimination
towards girls who are precious
gems descended from heaven !

Sarala Balachandran
Photo google

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