Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 21, 2018

INVISIBLE – WE ALL ARE Carters~by Renáta Császár



WE ALL ARE Carters

and recall the vulture of the picture
that’s been haunting you since you glimpsed it
and think of the emaciated toddler
collapsing on his way to the feeding centre
and think again of the stalking vulture
the bird of hell
for whom everything is prey
drooling while watching the child
standing right
not going away
innocence in wrenching torture waiting for the beast
a small child
without mother and God

but Carter just went into the bush
and saw it

saw it
and put it down in a photo
as an eternal stain on the image of humanity

and think of Carter
and think of God
dirty and guilty

we wouldn’t think of it
if he hadn’t taken it
if he hadn’t taken it
he wouldn’t have killed himself

if he hadn’t taken it
it wouldn’t have existed in minds
but still would’ve existed in reality

if we don’t know about something
it doesn’t exist


what about
the child
the vulture

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