Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 21, 2018





Embrace me with your strong arms
Slowly, gently, tenderly;
Kiss me on my eager,moist lips
Slowly, gently, tenderly;
Seduce my mind with your erotic words
Slowly, gently, tenderly;
Caress my petal soft,dewy skin
Slowly, gently, tenderly;
Stoke the simmering embers of my passion
Slowly, gently, tenderly;
Consume me with the flames of your rising desire
Slowly, gently, tenderly;
Satisfy my compelling lust for life
Slowly, gently, tenderly;
Shelter me within your loving heart
Slowly, gently, tenderly;
Enter my soul with the thrust of your love
Slowly, gently, tenderly.

Piya Ghosh~ 21-5-18

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