Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 23, 2018

QUEST~by Piya Ghosh




His thoughts follow my mind,
His love follows my heart,
His aura follows my soul;
When my wanderlust soul
Followed the trails
Of the quest to seek him,
Through the shadows of the corridors
Of time and space,
It led me to his soul.
Separating me from him
Would be like separating –
A shadow from a body,
Heartbeats from a heart,
Smoke from a source of fire.
His thoughts and memories
Will only be destroyed in death,
Not even that perhaps,
As they will be carried
On my subtle self,to the afterlife,
To be manifested within
A new physical form,
In another new birth,
In another lifetime.

Piya Ghosh~ 23-5-18

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