Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 24, 2018

RUSTIC MELODY~by Jyotirmaya Thakur




I kiss the dawn with sunshine dancing
I cascade carefully through the valley
My enchanted eyes search wandering 
Our hours murmur in the air clearly.

Our hearts entwine in rustic melody
You are the golden sky of rhapsody
Like leaves falling from willow trees
Our love sparkles the stars silvery.

Your waves of peace embrace elegantly
Our tranquility whispers in delight eagerly
The sands ripple under your heart easily
As we share the moments universally.

You touch on serenade of soft breeze
Our love is infinite like impassioned seas

Jyotirmaya Thakur @copyright
[Portrait by Akemi Amanogawa Ichi.Japan ]

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