Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 24, 2018

What Can I Do To Serve My Lord~by Neil Perry



What Can I Do To Serve My Lord

What can I do to serve my Lord
When all my heart is full of sin,
Fretting to do the things I hate,
Creating a sense I cannot win;
Distracted by every foolish care
That I scarce find the time for prayer;

Who can deliver me from myself
To soften my heart, so it can live
And breathe the fullness of God’s love,
To learn its message to forgive!
That I may know my Lord’s command
To spread his message through the land;

Only the Lord with mild reproach
Can teach the sinner to believe,
To plant in the heart a seed of hope,
To open it up, so it can grieve,
Grieve for the heart and selfish will
That but for him cannot be still.

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