Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 26, 2018

Our Flag~by David Christian 



Our Flag
By David Christian

Our flag is not for sale
It flies above political fray
It can not be divided by any agenda 
It will always reunite the true believer
It waves on high for all to see
It flies by land, air and sea
It fills me with its awesome glory
It ripples in the minds of future generations
I see it now in turbulent times
A blast of cold from left and right
It calls to all who that have gone astray
It calls for freedom, justice, and to mend our way
It does not run from friend or foe
It lights a hope and this I pray
It brings back the values if we stray
Blame not the colors, or the stripes
Men may error in their ways
But our flag will never fail.

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