Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 28, 2018

Daily missive for Monday the 28th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 28th of May.

It is restful
Sitting beneath a watery sun
Nursing a heavy lead crystal
Glass fit for a single malt
Infused ice tumbling gently with every sip
It is not warm
But not cold either
The wind swirls by
Seeking direction
A wayward delinquent
In search of an escape route
Never short of an opinion
The huff and puff
Not worth the time it takes
To register an interest
What would you say
If you were here
I often wonder if my sense
Of you is correct
I always thought it was
But you have given me so much
To ponder over the years
You might be bored
With my misrepresentation
The truth of you
Is much more complicated
Than the ramblings
Of an old man
Too wrapped up in failings
To taste the sweetness
In the air
Dismissed as imagination
But you would know
If the weather has turned
The garden
Was always a haven
Even now
Everytime I take a moment
To listen
I can hear the tangle of
Wind chimes
Announcing your arrival

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