Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 28, 2018

NOT FOREVER~by Syed Md Tanveer Parvez




Once upon a time I went to a
shopping mall,
Without some beautiful racks
the shopping mall has no
internal wall.
Suddenly I noticed a pretty girl
just stood at my near,
It seemed to me that the girl
had no boy friend or lover.
The girl was so much fine,
I thought she came probably
only for mine.
I looked at her,
But first time I got no answer.
I looked at her again but this
time she was smiling ,
I thought how she knew what I
was thinking.
Whole the time the girl is about
to my near,
I wish I would get her as my
Suddenly the girl left the
shopping mall,
But my mind didn’t become
happy at all.
On that day I was unable to
buy anything,
But I was able to buy a feeling.
Many feelings come on my mind
But that feeling seemed to me
like lovely and kind.

In this world hall or mall,
We meet one another just for
a short time,
Sometimes my feeling makes
a short rhyme.
Suddenly we leave one another,
Because the world hall or mall
is not forever.

— Syed Md.Tanveer Parvez

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