Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 29, 2018

Heavenly Bodies~by Fred Tunks & Inga Harris



Heavenly Bodies

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There is only
So much time
In a day
To show my love
For you
And how at times
I wish my love
Could travel
Distances to you
So let’s plant
A garden of love
Bury them deep
Within my soul
Water them
With sweet kisses
Come, let’s watch
This true love grow
Watch as my petals
Freely unfold
My inhibitions
Release thier
Tight hold
As I bloom
And blossom
For you
In this thing
Called love so true
Let my face beam bright
Before your sun
And flourish
Evergreen and
Forever young
And when
The darkness
Comes to sigh
You are the moon
That lights
My night sky
Oh how the universe
Must have conspired
To bless us
Twin flames on fire
To give us
A touch of bliss
For there’s
No better love
Than this

Intellectual property rights belonging ©ingaharris
Musings of an unquiet mind
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