Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 30, 2018

MOON~by Hansraj Sharma




The birds
The animals
The human beings 
And creatures all
Set on to
Their habitats
At the Sun set
In the west
Tired of
Day’s routine
To take shelter
Sleep and rest
For tomorrow’s

When the whole
Universe sleeps
In darkness
Of clouds
In the sky
The moon steeps
Or the lovers
In sickness awake
Calm and sweet
Moonlit beams
Making thus
Lovers meet
Though several
Miles away
From each other
One here at
And the other
At capital place
Where dwell
Sweet hearts
Sing and dance
Unto in love

Physically though
They can’t
Yet they meet
While their souls
And awake
When they stare
And concentrate
With an intent
At the moon
In search of

At the moon
Under tender
Care of
The goddess
Of love
Souls toss free
Make merry
In love
And romance
Kiss and embrace
And talk about
Their helplessness

O’ holy moon
So sweet thou art
Thou art rendezvous
Thy holy task
Isn’t thy holiness?

-Copy right hrsharma
Ludhiana, Punjab, India

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