Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2018

“EYE DEMON MINE”~by Martin Gedge

(could you imagine be haunted by a ghost of your former self and not know it.)


POEM “EYE DEMON MINE” by martin gedge

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A lighted switch a power glitch
a fading tell-tale sign
a passing view that I once knew
is creeping in to dine
these crazy dreams to split the seams
and knife decaying fear
to deadly toast a walking ghost
that draws into my mirror
a long time since I’ve seen these prints
that walk pass open doors
and in those tracks the nerves and cracks
will stain these hollow floors
and in the rings of silent brings
the voices in my head
the chosen one will come undone
and whisper now your dead
another stage of life to go
you can’t expect to trace
the one you hide while others died
another changing face
and now I see the haunt in me
of years and aging past
a million souls to fill the holes
and make my demon last
but in the grip if I should slip
my mental state of mind
I will concede to sign the deed
and leave this life behind…

by martin gedge ©
(This photo by artist unknown)


  1. very astute poem, the harm you bring on others follows you, and as Jesus would say, you better forgive, if you want to be forgiven, thanks

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