Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2018

Memories~by Inga Harris




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They come
In waves
Some lucid 
And gentle
Others torrential
And weighty
Into the shores
Of our memory banks
Creating great divides
Within the crevices
Of our minds
Sometimes with rain
Other times with shine
Tranquil the charge
Of an evening tide
Of life loosening
Its grip
Allowing us
Time to sigh
As the moon sleepily
Blankets our souls
And yet brewing
Within the distance
Reminders of how
We got here
A journey filled
With storms
Hurricanes and
Tears shorn as
The crags
Strengthen us
Burgeoning within
The bones
For every grain
Of sand
Is a reminder
From whence
We came

Intellectual property rights belonging to© ingaharris
Musings of an unquiet mind
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#ilharrispoetry #memories

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