Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 31, 2018

Secret Garden~by Fred Tunks



Secret Garden

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April leaves
Blossom through
The trees
Come lay me dowm
The groves
Of olive trees
And honey bees
Come love me
Down in throes

With hand in hand
We speak no
For only our souls
Connect the vibe
As we look into
Each others hearts
Peering deeper
Than a sunrise

And just Like
An ocean
Our love is deep
For there is no other
And just lke
The tides
Pulled across the shores
You bare my
Soul’s emotions

And as we lay upon
The ground
Our souls begin to flux
Like platnum gold
And winsome fire
Our nature’s rise
And spring
Becomes the eden
Of our desire

We explore the
Of our minds
Just like
In the bloom
I am your map
And you are
My compass
Let our
Energies consume

Intellectual property rights belonging to ©ingaharris
Musings of an unquiet mind
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