Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2018

HUMAN EFFORTS~by Chiekem Morgan Odogu




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Individuals, organizations
Lectures and talks
Marches, movements

Summits and groups
Too many letters
So many songs

So many poems
Still man’s woes amplify
The leaders yet dominate

The ruled trampled
Change we crave
Good we desire

Love we seek
Peace we yearn
A society sober

With humanity its religion
Why are human efforts futile?

Imperfection blinds the good,
The “righteous” do make mistakes,

Costlier than a “sinners”
Earth chaos, imperfection bane
Blind leading blind

Imperfect man never
Can direct his like aright
The poems, the songs

The letters, the groups
The Summits, the movements
The Marches, the talks

The Lectures, organizations,
Individual’s efforts,
Always fail expectations

Made with good intentions,
But ideas are human’s,
Some seek to garner followers

Other seek to make history,
Some publicity,
Others do because others did.

The end, human efforts
To make earth better
Always are selfish

Trust not men
A heart though “righteous”
Can be treacherous


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