Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 6, 2018

“TONGUE TWISTER ” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “TONGUE TWISTER ” by martin gedge

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She’s my cherry soda pop
my ketchup on my tater tot
a rainbow in the flower shop
the one who loves me so
a pretty face you can’t forget
from morning sun til moon is set
the passion in my Juliet
my angel in the snow
a star that shoots a lighted sky
that burns just like a firefly
to comfort close with water eye
the one that’s always there
a fire in my candle light
the one I kiss and hold each night
the perfect smile to make things right
with the utmost love and care
a slow song in my beating heart
a stepping stone and beauty mark
sun showers in the garden park
you burst with butterflies
a jump inside a lovers leap
to nestle in the covers deep
into my arms she falls asleep
to the sounds of lullabies
a summer shade on windy days
my rock ‘n roll and purple haze
my creme eclair with chocolate glaze
and all the things you do
the little notes that never end
the book of looks that lovers send
to be my true and dearest friend
I can’t stop loving you…..

by martin gedge©

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