Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 7, 2018

A day at the beach hut~by Jeremy J Croucher



A day at the beach hut

Spent a day at the beach hut
in the bright sun
It’s been renovated and
I’m pleased that it’s done

Painted bright turquoise
to reflect sky and sea
Hut 101 is just really
a great place to be

Most of the time I will
sit and just gaze
at the wide open sea
through the sun and the haze

I might write a poem
or read a nice a book
But being here is all
about that great look

The sea has a wonder
of which I’ll not tire
and here I’m best placed
all that to admire


Photo – Our beach hut on South Lancing Beach, West Sussex. Came to be with us in 1998; lovingly restored and spruced up in 2018 – Jempics


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