Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 7, 2018

Daily missive for Thursday the 7th of June.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Thursday the 7th of June.

Step into my garden
You have no need
Of a lantern
You can see by starlight
Be careful of the bramble
The Hawthorn
Is a sharp reminder
To follow the path
The rose has a habit
Of attracting the hem of a skirt
The cuff of a shirt
They have a dark side
Even in sunshine
Listen to the night owl
Breathe deeply
Take in the aroma of Jasmine
It is intoxicating
Wisteria has taken
So long to show its true self
Patience brings its own reward
Walk through the
Fragrant overhang
Until you reach the river
There is a boat waiting
Beneath a weeping willow
It will carry you
Through the valley
Gently sloping
Fast flowing
Through tumbling hills
That roll unto the distance
Travel with them
As they unravel
Throw skipping stones
Into the undulating sea
It is not an ending
But a journey
Worth the taking
From a garden gate
At midnight
Don’t be late

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