Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 28, 2018

And the world keeps spinning on~by William Thomas Fearby



Please share or COPY AND PASTE this poem
and make it go viral KILLING is going on
In the African Nations and everywhere in the World its time that
The whole Whole got together to stamp out this devastation
Caused by Man Donald Trump andTeresa May show the rest 
Of the World that you care and put an end to this barbaric
Devastation it’s not only Plastic that is killing this planet it’s

And the world keeps spinning on

Terrorists planting bombs children being shot
What has this world come to, is this our lot
Massacre in the playground death is everywhere
Why is it still happening do the politicians really care

They care more about their constitutional rights
To carry arms and fund terrorists to cause fights
This world is just a crazy mixed up place
Where terrorism has a commercial face

But still the world still keeps spinning on and on
Talk of world peace and unity has all but gone
Greed is the seed planted far and wide on the ground
Nations wiped out through the need for oil to be found

A world where wealth and greed mean more than life
Where peace and harmony is replaced by war and strife
A world where a man is judged by how great is his wealth
In a world in which millions of children die from ill health

Governments taking food out of the mouths of dying children
to line their own pockets robbing the people again and again
Aid that is sent by the free world to starving African nations
Sold by the corrupt governments when they are relief donations

The people are afraid to complain they live in fear of their life
There lives mean nothing snuffed out by the gun and the knife
Why do our governments turn a blind eye to what’s going on
All these pleas that we here about helping with aid is a con

It’s time the world all got together as one and ended this crime
They should put all those corrupt thieves in prison for all time
And unite all the nations with true love and peace
We have no choice the robbing and killing must cease

William T Fearby. 06/06/2018

(C)@william t fearby

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