Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 28, 2018

Building Legends*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



Building Legends*

It’s a shame when your love affair goes south.
More so if it all started as a game.
You’re most likely to resort to uncouth
Measures that perhaps vindicate your name,
Ere figure how you allocate the blame:
Beware, someone who has nothing to hide
Might gloss over the right and wrong divide!
To each his own, prize compass to provide,
Commit your sworn career trajectory.
With no more than bold ambition to guide,
Defy the fold, to build your history,
Dare hubris tease to meld your memory:
Beware of reports becoming legends,
Seldom their authors collect dividends!
Falsehood is the stuff legends are made of.
Fools’ errand proves to probe a negative.
With time, legends conveniently evolve
From the retelling of a narrative,
Given a horde conditioned to believe:
Doubts and fears conspire to get religion,
With too much help from believers’ legion!


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