Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 28, 2018

They Wrote These Words~by rldubour



They Wrote These Words

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This is a ballet country song of the Wild West.
Of Billy Joe when he was known as the very best.
Billy Joe a wanted man always on the run.
Billy Joe a wanted man always wore his guns.
Oh, Billy Joe the fastest gun as far as they could tell.
Oh, Billy Joe when you die your going straight to hell.

He rode into town one day the sun was shining bright.
He didn’t come into pray; he came to take a life.
The sheriff stood there in the street his arms down by his side.
And before that tragic day will end that sheriff man will die.
Yes, Billy Joe you’ll meet your match beneath the morning sun.
And Billy Joe that match will be someone else’s’ gun.

The sheriff drew his gun and he hit Billy twice.
Well, Billy must have come from hell cause he took that sheriffs life.
As Billy turned to mount his horse someone shot him in the head.
And in the street of human blood, the good the bad lay dead.
Oh. Billy Joe the fastest gun the West has ever saw.
And on his stone they wrote these words, “Billy met the law.

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