Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2018

DEEPER THAN DEEP. .~by Frankie Sezno




The relm of conscience is varied and various.
Not even one is aware of its end lines
Yet it contours around reality
That dawns on the heart unaided

Passion would make us run wild
Limbs to beat and rhythms high
Wherefore we often blip and drive
Our emotions far below the fading sky

So truth would have us touch the prize
When our consciousness wanes short
Of the thin line that threads through the matter
The mastermind of the beginning of time

Lo and behold
Many have missed it on a whimp
Drowned but found with excuses
But few found that delicate trail

That took the plaque with their rise.

* By Frank Sedzorme-Sosu *

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