Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2018

ELEGY ON A MELODY~by Renáta Császár



by Renáta Császár

the strings of dawn play seductive tunes
as fingers ramble from black to white
silent sounds scream slowly into shadows
as I watch your hands playing the guitar
catching sounds floating behind the fence
a grasshopper’s leaping on the car
tunes melt into hundreds of sense
flashing blue and red memoirs

as I feel your hand holding my hand
I take away your heart from the tray
put it to my ears, slip it in my chest
let your heartbeat drum over the day
as my radar detects your signs
sparkling through all the green
I hark the tree tuning in lines
turning me in a known melody

but in the attic of my heart
in the big brown chest
a tortured face is howling to the moon
to open up this dark wooden grave
and chase away the notes of solitude
screaming the constant heartbeat of the guard
flowing in the warm blood stream of feminine drifts
I whirl around a coffee cup in my palm
and envy the feelings of Annabel Lee

I miss you a lot and feel the salt
but I cannot ask you to change the un- to be-
since this is impossible in our world
no magic can return this into your old thee
stirring the liquid to show our future
coffee is spilled out of the cup
forms different figures, lots of rumor
faces, all familiar ones
recalling you in the rain of dew

as the notes of songs knock on my doors
I kiss the green of trees into faint
and watch the velvet leaves of dawn
touching me with no more restraint
all the strings of your singing guitar
invade me with the green of paint
so I wave to a travelling star
from the locomotive of a train

– Renáta Császár

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