Posted by: Ron DuBour | June 30, 2018

” When the Reaper Comes”~by Rick Halliburton



” When the Reaper Comes”

Time comes and goes come what may
But day can change to night apon the sight..when the Reaper comes.

Never knowing ..everything going and showing as normal..when suddenly blowing the darkness into your awareness as He event that may include most definitely true…it is you..

You become frozen …paralized as you realize your demise…your demise and as your eyes see horror in brace for the end..the end of you..the end of you….

What do you do? What do you do?

Moments ..seconds left…now fractions of time…your heart now racing..your end in freeze…and as you ease into demise you find peace..

Your you close eyes…close eyes..only to realize…the Reaper missed you..let you live another day..but come what may..he will come again someday…someday ..he will reap what you sowed…what you sowed…

Rick Halliburton 2018

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