Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 4, 2018

A PART OF YOU~by Piya Ghosh




Why do you search for me outside?
Seek for me within yourself,
You will find me hidden deep inside –
In the furthest alleys of your mind
In the darkest recesses of your heart
In the deepest crevices of your soul;
I have always been a part of you,
An inseparable unit of your inner being,
Blended with your exotic fragrance
Enmeshed with your divine music
Merged with your unique essence
Since the creation of the universe;
Space blurs,time dissolves
In our sacred love;
When I first met you,my heart whispered
That you were my love,
When I sought and found you,
I realized that you were my soul;
Even if the world ends,
The universe disintegrates,
The melody of our love
Shall reverberate in space.

Piya Ghosh~ 4-7-18

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