Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 12, 2018

Twenty One Years~by rldubour



Twenty One Years

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The judge and the jury said murder first degree.
I hung my head in shame and cried God have mercy please.
They took me by the hand and lead me to my cell.
The devil had my soul; I was bound for living hell.
I know that I done wrong now I must pay the price.
I know that I done wrong and now I sold my life.

Now twenty-one years have passed and I am free at last.
Twenty-one years of hell and I served them in a cell.
Twenty-one years of living hell it’s a crying shame.
Twenty-one years a four-wall cell and I’m the only one to blame.
Twenty-one years of prison life makes the world seem cold.
Twenty-one years I paid the price my life been bought and sold.
Twenty-one years behind those bars of sweat and breaking stones.
Twenty-one years I’ll never forget and now I’m going home.

Now I’ve learned but I’ve learned to late.
That life is short and precious and that it’s wrong to hate.
This is my story and I hope you listened well.
Because I spent my life with the devil and twenty-one years of hell.
And twenty-one years of hell

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