Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 13, 2018

A PEACEFUL WORLD ~by Sarala Balachandran




Stop gifting your children
With toy guns
As they slowly but surely
Know how to use the AK47
Later in life
Turn off the tv when terror movies are showing
And physical abuse of women
All these little gestures
Can pave the way to a
Better world for sure
Take the kids out to a nature park instead of letting them be in front of the idiot box and dangerous video games
moulding them to become violent in later life
Help them build a strong bond with family and friends
And enjoy the nature’s gift
In abundance from above
Let them get dirty playing in the muddy slush and puddles which does no harm to them, they become nature lovers and will learn to save the beauty of the God given gift, the precious nature !
Keep pets for them to learn how to love animals which helps them to become loving humans !


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