Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 14, 2018

VENOM~by Mwaniki Thumbi




Dip your tongue in my cup.
Taste the feeling.
As I set your taste buds on fire.
Killing you softly with every sip. 
Take me slowly, that bittersweet to your palate.
Perhaps not palatable, pun intended.
Have me seep into your systems.
Drug you from within.
Intoxicate you with myself.
Grant exuberance in spasms…
From without, have me burn on your bare skin.
Ignite like gasoline…
Render you on fire… Say fleek.
Consume you of tension.
Draw the afterglow and illuminate your path.
As we morph shape forms.
Sheets giving way.
Your bricken boulders budging to my advances.
My earthen spirit doing more than disintegrate.
Our hearts beating for each other.
Have me bridge to your soul.
Elevate emotion, twist the knobs to overdrive.
Have me run your veins, have you cave to mine.
Honey, mine’s VENOM


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