Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 23, 2018

A Collision of Souls~by Inga Harris



A Collision of Souls

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Ever so slowly
Our lips begin to touch
And start to sway
Our tongues begin to dance
Taste and play
Soon I’m lost
Within your sweet embrace
Youve become my leather
And I am your lace
Breathing you in
You take my breath away
With each soulful kiss
Becoming frayed
Our breathing becomes ragged
The language of love
Soon Fills the air
And in rapid succession
Love consumes
And leaving us bare
Every velvet touch
A delicious destination
As wanton lovers
Lost in sweet exploration
Our souls finally touch
My divide
I hang on your every touch
As my body hums and thrives
Our connection
A sweet rhythm
Bound in chains
As I fearlessly ride
The pleasures
Found within your sex
As our souls
Finally collide

Intellectual property rights belonging to
Musings of an unquiet mind
Man With the Words
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