Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 31, 2018

BLACK WIDOW~by William Thomas Fearby




Everybody wants to own her
But nobody can
She is so full of mystery 
Too much for any man

Many men have tried to tame her
No one has succeeded yet
She uses them for everything
And leaves with no regret

She is like the wild wind
On a hot summers day
Her kisses will paralyse you
And take your breath away

Even deadly snakes avoid her
And fear for their lives
She uses every man for pleasure
And sends them back to their wives

She is a lady of great mystery
A law unto herself
She will never be tied down by anyone
She will take all your wealth

She will leave you with nothing
Just a bad memory
She will leave you begging and pleading
But never set you free

She is a black widow spider
Weaving her tangled web up high
She will squeeze all the life out of you
And leave you high and dry

Once she has you under her spell
There is no getting free
She draws you into her evil world
Of lost hope and mystery

So listen to my urgent warning
Before you find that it’s too late
This evil black widow spider
Wants you for her mate

William T Fearby. 31/07/2018

(C)@william t Fearby

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