Posted by: Ron DuBour | July 31, 2018

Daily missive for Monday the 30th of July.~by Peter Forster‎



Daily missive for Monday the 30th of July.

Pieces of life
So easily broken
Float me away
We are all adrift
Ice floes
Unique islands
With evolutionary eco-systems
Bidding to stay afloat
As the pull of gravity
Draws us apart
Step inside my shadow
There is little comfort
In maintaining
The same shape
It will stretch the imagination
Follow a similar pattern
Hide within a pretence
Of singularity
Will not sustain
Us both
Unless we combine
Become a black star
With uncertainty
As a defining principle
How stable
Will it be
If we eclipse our own
Blood moon
The rising
Will be hindered
Without the possibility
Of synchronization
But life forms
Are distinct
Shadows finely drawn
In concert
Too easily lost in the moment
As we rotate
An axis never fully moored
We will float away
Like shallow ice flowing
Cold shadows melting
Into sunlight
Energy transformation
Imagine such an ending
As the beginning
Of creation

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