Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 1, 2018

Faith~by rldubour




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Father Almighty in the Heavens, Faith.

Fill your heart with faith, it never is too late!

When all seems lost and you just want to escape.

Just tell our Father that you love Him and will always keep your faith.

From all life’s tragedies here on earth that we must endure.

From losing the ones we cherish most, there is one thing for sure.

Through all the trials in our life, the pain and so much more.

No greater pain than sending our child, up to heavens door.

The pain we feel deep in our hearts, we must remember this.

God reached out with both hands and gave His eternal kiss.

The angels were beside them, will see there is no pain.

Watching our dear children, until we meet again.

We cry because we miss them so and this is only right.

For know we have to let them go, they now do live with Christ.

If you could hear them now, this is what they would say.

“Mom, you must be strong, I am not that far away.”

“Those tears of love will heal the hurt, that I had to leave.”

“Tend to our loved ones left on earth and try so not to grieve.”

“God wanted me up in heaven and that is no mistake.”

“Do this for me cry no more and always keep your faith.”

“The empty chairs beside me, one does have your name.”

“For now take all the memories. For one day we will meet again.”

“I am safe and finally home in heaven high above.”

“Here I’ll wait with patience, for all the ones I love.”

“Now spend your time that’s left on earth and dry those mother’s eyes.”

“And love the ones that you have there, always by your side.”

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