Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 3, 2018

“Time”~by Rick Halliburton




Tick.tick ..the passage of time..a tick
Of a clock in a moment of rhyme will take eternity to ultimately find true poetry….tick..tick…..

Maybe never ending never rhyming my friend? …to no end,…Think again my friend ..think again…

For time has no feelings.. no concerns of our path …it just keeps on moving ticking beyond the last cast of our tomorrows…way past our tomorrows…that we have cast here today..

So don’t sorrow in this but just live in the bliss of today…your today..tick..tick..your today is everything way beyond rhyme.

Your today in this passage of rhyme….your passage of time…tick..tick…

Rick Halliburton 2018

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