Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 5, 2018

THE ABC OF OCD~by Piya Ghosh




The human mind is an obscure puzzle,
Queer in its depth and domain;
Shaded in different colours and hues
Its moods bizarre and uncertain.

Thoughts give way to actions,
Repetitively and monotonously;
Obsession haunts,compulsion hits
There’s often a suicidal tendency.

“Damn,this spot just won’t go”,
However much he washes and tries;
So he washes his hands continuously
One, two,three,four…..ten times.

She closes her bedroom door many times,
Switches on and off her light;
When she eventually goes to sleep
Dawn is ready to strike.

A young man feels he’s going to die
Unless he gets to see her;
He feels he’ll die of a heart attack
The day he doesn’t meet her.

An old lady hoards household things,
Can never throw them away;
Knowing well they’re of no use,
She’ll never use them any day.

A man wishes to push a commuter
In front of a moving train;
Whenever he visits the metro station,
This thought comes back again.

Before going to school each day,
He buttons and unbuttons his shirt;
Tries to remove and brush away insanely
Imagined dust and dirt.

A long queue of hapless faces
Sadly stare up at me;
This is the mania, depression, agony,
The painful journey of OCD.

The mind sinks into a black hole
The world loses its joy and meaning;
As if spellbound, patients do acts
Not knowing and not wanting.

Treatment lies in proper education,
Counselling and therapy;
Raising the levels of serotonin,norepinephrine
Aids in the process of recovery.

Piya Ghosh~ 5-8-18

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