Posted by: Ron DuBour | August 6, 2018

INTERFACE~by Ravi Ranganathan




Image may contain: Ravi Ranganathan, sitting, tree, plant, table, shoes, outdoor and nature

When Clouds decorated the sky

With dimension defying designs

How could I turn a blind eye?

When stars showed their lustre

Even while simmering in sidelines

Will my pretence pass muster?

When sea changed its cursory course

And rivers unsettled their confines

Can my mood admit a remorse?

When a nascent night coyly niggled

And a hill over there its contour defines

Can I hide the shape of my silent struggles?

Can I avoid nature’s nudge to soar in space?

Can I ignore this interface to get divine grace?…

@ Ravi Ranganathan 6.8.18

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